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Forex Bling live today

September 7th, 2009

Normally I really don’t pay attention to the, almost daily, releases of new EAs. There just have been too many that have been so disappointing lately (and I don’t think it is going to decrease either). However today there actually is a release that I kind of look forward to. I’ve for some time been looking at the Fractals 4 EA from It is the fourth incarnation and it have proven it self in both backward and forward tests over the last few months (think it was released in June). I’ve been looking to buy it since it isn’t a scalper, but rather a break out system, but I haven’t had $199 from the EA budget to invest in it.

Today Forex hope releases a new product thou, called Forex Bling (I know, the name… yeah). It isn’t one EA, but a number of EAs that are meant to be traded together in a portfolio. There’s a scalper (actually four different, but they are probably based on the same code, that trade different pairs), a trend follower, a break out system and a grid trader. I’ve seen the affiliate report as well as some live MT4 stats and I must say that I am impressed. The Scalper(s) seem very good, definitely FAPT/MD class, perhaps even better. The others also are very impressive, but I think it isn’t real live, but rather demo trading. Still it looks very promising.

One of the things I like the most thou is that the package is offered as a subscription service costing $99 for three months. Considering that it, currently, comes with four different systems I would say this is very good. The facts that it is a subscription implies that they believe in the system, since they want people to keep paying for it. Also, they will be giving the first 100 sign-ups Fractals4 for free (it isn’t part of the package otherwise).

I’m going to sign-up today and start demos. In the mean time I’ve found these live stats pages, they are for the scalpers called ThunderStorm and ThunderBolt.