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Gap trading becoming popular

June 23rd, 2010

Seems like there’s a increasing interest in trading the gap in Forex between Friday close and Sunday open prices. As I’ve written about earlier I have bought one product with this strategy earlier this spring. I can’t really say that it has been working out great. So far I’m behind $100 in total, out of which EURUSD stands for $175 of losses. All other pairs are in profit. Clearly the SL of Forex Harvester is way way to big in relation to the profit it takes. The developer is now stating that there is a second version coming for free for current customers. In the mean time I’ve disabled the EURUSD pair.

I was just made aware of another commercial EA trading the same strategy, but it really seems to be better programmed. It opens just one trade (per traded pair) and it uses a much tighter stoploss. I haven’t gotten it, but perhaps I will. Check it out yourselves, it’s called Forex Gap Robot.

Even thou these implementations are different and the details is unknown to me it is a very nice addition to a portfolio I think. I’m a bit tempted to code a EA myself to be in total control of the logic used. The strategy is very simple, and it have been used for years in different markets (most other markets have gaps every day). One thing to remember is that the results are very broker sensitive as different brokers use different end and start times. Also the spread can be very wide in the beginning hour(s) of the Sydney session.

Discontinuing weekly updates for now

June 1st, 2010

I’ve been doing the same format of weekly updates for quite a while, and I feel now that it perhaps is best not to continue. I’ve been getting some negative attention from unwanted direction, and as I trade more and more manually (some weeks at least) there is no purpose to keep posting account balances I think.

I’ll keep posting of course, but I’ll try to write more specifically about a select EA or strategy and analyze its performance over time. Like this post about Forex Shocker.