August 17th, 2009

My name is Johan Axelsson, I’m a System Analyst /  Software engineer at a large Swedish vehicle producing company.  In this blog I will probably make many different observations on many topics that interest me for the moment. Hopefully some of them will have an international audience, hence the English language is used here. However if you want to post comments in Swedish I will not object.

The Main objective of the blog is for me to verbalize my thoughts, for my own gain. It could very well be a private diary, the function would be the same, but so far I think this format is best since it puts some pressure on me to make updates on a regular basis. Other than that, perhaps there is a few other with the same interests that could benefit.

I am currently working on a small application for automated trend following portfolio management (based on a rotating portfolio of the best performing asset classes on a monthly basis using 50-SMA/200-SMA crossover. There will be many parameters to customize the asset selection by rotation principles and momentum performance evaluation). So watch this space.

Best Regards Johan

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