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MyFXBook Contest at GOMarkets

September 5th, 2011

I entered into the latest competition at MyFXBook, which started yesterday when the markets opened. I’m only going to trade it with some of my EAs and with acceptable risk (maximum 2% risked on each trade). I won’t stand a chance to win with those settings thou, the leader right now is up 60% in less than 12 hours running! Clearly this is a violation of the rules as it is stated that it is not permitted to take overeager risks. Hopefully the guys running crazy large lotsizes will take a few stoplosses and completely loose their accounts.

I’m up 1.49% right now which makes me #191 in the total standing. I’m aiming for 15% over the whole month so so far so good :)

Here’s a link to my account:

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MyFXBook trading contest

April 23rd, 2010

We all love MyFXBook of course, who wouldn’t (if you don’t use it, you really should check it out. I don’t use any other stats service anymore). Now they got a small contest together with FXDD. The price money isn’t much and it is traded on demo accounts, but it could be a good motivation to finish my latest project, called Blue, and perhaps even get a new scalping strategy implemented (called Yellow). I don’t think Green is suited for a short period like a month and starting capital of just $1000.

Check it out: excels

January 2nd, 2010

Perhaps this isn’t news to you, but I’ve just been discovering all the wonderful new functions that the guys (or girls?) at have been adding this fall. The most valuable being the custom analysis on magicnumbers. I don’t want to get to pesky, but guess who made that suggestion to them? I’m very glad they understood my idea and implemented it quickly for us all to enjoy. I’ve been updating all my accounts with the MyFXBook EA and been registering the magicnumbers. It is so simple to analyze a single EAs performance in a multi-strategy account now.


Example view of MegaDroids trades on my account this fall (from October 19th) above. You can easily see that the chart with a GMT offset of 6 have been the best (on this account all the charts are non-aggressive so there is only the S1 magicnumber to display).

Okay, I’ll stop ranting about this now. Do check out thou, it is the best tool out there. There’s even nice widgets like the one below (also for my account, trading RoboMiner and MegaDroid). I would like a little more customizable widgets thou, will make that suggestion also… :)

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A new alternative for statistics publishing

August 17th, 2009

I have been using MT4Stats for all my statistics publishing for the time I’ve been using the MT4 platform, and I’m sure you guys have been too (yeah I know about MT4Live, but I’ve never liked their font and general appearance…). Recently MT4Stats was updated with a lot of extras in the new Analysis tab, which I think is great additions. It is nice to see some graphs and the pie charts give a nice overview of the profitable pairs you are trading.

Last week I was made aware of a new alternative that actually looked kind of interesting called Unlike MT4Stats and MT4Live you register one profile and then add all your MT4 accounts to that. So by just logging into the site you can see the performance of all your registered trading accounts. And it supports other platforms also, great if you have a Oanda account for example. You can choose if you want your accounts to be public or private, and if public what information to show. You could for example just show the balance and growth and hide the specific trade history. If the account is public others will be able to comment on it, just like with a blog. You can also add information about yourself in your profile that others can read and comment. The community aspect here could be very good I think, but still the site is very new and the number of people registered is small (that is not bad thou).

It also sports some other nice things like a monthly growth chart and the possibility to analyse your trading. If you are missing something there is a very good Suggestions box in the forum that is handled very good with the developers really trying to understand the suggestions. I myself left one about the possibility to use the magicnumber to sort all trades on the EA that performed it and the developers asked follow up questions to understand my idea fully. Very good, and hopefully they’ll implement it.

Right now I’m publishing my stats both to MT4Stats and MyBookFX as I think that they both complement each other (you have to use two MT4 instances trading the same account to do it). The main thing I think is better with MT4Stats is the bottom part of the page with the information about equity, floating P/L, margin and so. That information is not as easily shown at MyFxBook I think (and I haven’t even found the used and free margin information at all). Also I like the layout of taken trades better at MT4Stats.  But do check out MyFxBook, and leave suggestions about the things you don’t like so they can make the perfect tool for us in time :)

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