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FAP Turbo Evolution and Megadroid PRO

July 10th, 2009

Time for a update since the release date of the new creation from FAP Turbo team is approaching, fast. It was called FAP Turbo Swiss the last time I wrote about it, now it is renamed FAP Turbo Evolution. It will be limited to 2000 copies. And it will be released on July 14th at 9am EST (that is 15:00 GMT I think…). The broker is still DukasCopy in Switzerland, which is currently accepting accounts with minimum of $10000 (or equivalent, say €7300 if you prefer the EUR). The price of the software is $599.

So, I will try to get a copy. It is four times the price of the most expensive EA I have bought and the deposit requirement is 7 times what I have put up yet, so it is quite a step up for my Forex “operation”. Hopefully it will meet my expectations…

As a side note I yesterday recieved a email from the MegaDroid team stating that everyone who use their link to buy FAPT Evolution will be getting a new EA from them, for free. It is a new version of the MegaDroid called MegaDroid PRO, and get this, it trades three currencies 24/5! I don’t know if I am more excited about that piece of news or the FAPT Evolution even! MegaDroid is a very stable performer, and I would love to be able to trade it on more than EURUSD. Also, because I currently am trading it 12 hours a day myself by tricking it, I know it can be profitable during more than the dead hours between NY close and Tokyo open. I don’t know if MD Pro is using MT4 or JFOREX platform thou… Would love it even more if it also ran JFOREX at DukasCopy.

Oh, and I almost forgot. There is a war going on between some sites online that offer rebates on the Dukascopy commissions. The top offer right now (and possibly this is where the limit is) is 40% back. Wow, that is quite a lot. is currently “only” offering 35%, but their reputation perhaps make up the 5% they keep. I actually think so, and probably will sign with them.

FAP Turbo Swiss

June 25th, 2009

There’s a lot of hype going around for the “new” version of FAP Turbo dubbed FAP Turbo (Limited Edition) Swiss. It is not a MT4 EA, which is interesting. It is written for the JFOREX platform used by Dukascopy in Switzerland which is a ECN broker with, in comparison to MT4 brokers, very low spreads and huge liquidity. The FAP team states that the platform is much better in terms of order execution.

So the price is going to be $599. Yeah, that’s four times the regular versions price. But it doesn’t stop there since Dukascopy have a min deposit limit of $10,000. So this is a rich man game for sure. The current planned release date is 14th of July, and the rumor is that it will only be on sale for three days. We’ll see about that I guess. is offering 30% cashback on commissions at DukasCopy, so be sure to sign up with them.

Even with these high financial requirements I am very tempted. This is going to be a limited release (according to the team) and the platform at Dukascopy is much more professional than at the MetaTrader brokers. So my strategy is to buy the Swiss edition and stick it on a demo account for awhile. It will come with a 60 day refund guarantee as it is a ClickBank product. If I don’t trust it enough after 60 days I won’t fund the account and I will return it.

On a side note it is also rumoured that they have developed a middleware (they call it a bridge) that enables MT4 EAs to run on the JFOREX platform. This would mean that you can run your other EAs on the same account. I would love to run MegaDroid with those low spreads and excellent order execution… The Bridge will cost $199 it seems, quite expensive, but as I said, this is a rich mans game…