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Finally getting money from JadeFX?

November 22nd, 2011

Well, first off, I haven’t gotten anything yet, so my hopes are still low. But there are news from Tracey at the CFTC reported through the forum at Donnas (strange that they can’t email us all, they have our contact information). It seems that the Court has finally approved the NFA to start reimbursing the customers. Good news!

But we’re looking at getting 50-60% back according to Tracey, and it isn’t even clear if that is 50% of the account balance on March 1st (when the CFTC shut down JadeFX) or 50% of deposited funds. Additional bad news is that they can’t wire us the money. Instead they will use a time machine, go back to the 1980’s and mail us a check! So silly. American checks are really expensive to cash here in Sweden, and it takes  a long time to process. Bad news…

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