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Overhaul of the Guide

November 10th, 2010

I’ve started updating the Forex Guide published here by me. It is a little bit dated now (untouched since August last year). Hopefully it will be more useful in a couple of days.

Stay tuned.

October performance

November 10th, 2010

Just a short update with the trading result for October at JadeFX. The setup used is basically the same as the previous months, but I have been experimenting a little with timeout values (testing a change of TP to 0 pip after 150 minutes, which is still under evaluation).

jade_october18.65% up over the month with just one big negative day, Oct 7th, of -153 pips. So I must say that I’m pleased with this performance. It is very much inline with the two previous months (of 16% and 17% equity growth).