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New EAs to play with?

August 10th, 2009

It’s been a while since I bought a EA. The last one, besides FAPT Evo (which technically isn’t even a EA), was FD2 and we all know how that went. Two weeks ago IvoryBot was the hyped one, but I didn’t get it. The people that did isn’t excited as far as I can see. If it does well, I’ll buy it, but it have to prove itself first.

I did however buy Forex Accumulator last week. Boy was that a impulse buy. Don’t even know why I got it, they have nothing to show for and so far I’m very afraid of it actually. It is way way way to risky even with the lowest possible settings imho. I’ve seen a lot of people already returning it, but I’ll demo trade it a little longer. I’ve been running optimization backtests and it is profitable but the draw downs are huge. I’ll be back with a updated post about it when all the optimization is done (probably 2-3 days left since I run back to 2006.01.01 and 2009.01.01 and do some manual comparisons. I want settings that is good both in the longer and shorter history). I really can’t see myself ever going live with it thou, the risk is to high I think. It comes with 60 days money back guarantee and was “just” $97.

There are two other EAs I’m currently looking to buy. S26 by Forex Barometer and Fractals 4 by Forex Hope. I’ve seen impressive forward tests with both of them. Both are $199 without refund possibility thou, so I probably can only buy one of them right now. It is leaning towards S26 right now, but I’ll wait a few days and see.

Update: I forgot about the Adelpha EA that is to be released today. It seems very very nice actually, but the price is $497 making it a hard buy for me. But if you have larger accounts than me to trade/play with, perhaps that price isn’t to intimidating. The backtests both for 2000-2008 and year to date (2009) looks very nice, but after all they’re just backtests. Fortunately the developers also have a mt4stats forward test going. Check it out (not sure if it is demo or live):