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VPS from SWTech

August 10th, 2009

Got a VPS package last week from SWTech.  Just been running demo accounts on it as of yet but it is planned to take over all my Alpari UK trading. Why? Well it has a 2ms latency to the Alpari UK trading servers. Some people have been suggesting that a (really) low latency like that could reduce re-quotes and slippage, which is very important when trading scalpers. And even more important when running the standard scalpers like FAPT and MD I guess, lots of similar trades for the servers to execute at the same time. If my order arrives 100 ms before the majority perhaps I am in a better position.

If it doesn’t affect trading performance it is still a very affordable VPS provider. I got the Medi package with 1.2 gig of ram for €25 / month. They offer both smaller and larger packages, but this one is perfect I think for a few MT4 sessions with RAM to spare.

If you go for it, do try AlwaysUp to run your applications as services. That way they are automatically started when ever you reboot your VPS and they will only be started once. To reduce memory usage I’ve put it to restart all the sessions at 17:00 GMT daily and reboot the entire VPS at 21:00 GMT on Sundays.