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Weekly update, week 15

April 22nd, 2010

I’m terribly late with this update. It was a terrible week so I haven’t had any motivation to write about it, but the idea with this blog is to force me to analyze performance and think about past results. So here is the post. The losses are in a great part due to a human mistake (mine). Like I wrote last week I put the wrong stoploss level in a lot of my hedges in AUDNZD, I set 1.3020 instead of 1.3120, losing me 100 pips in quite a few trades.

Also my scalping at JadeFX primarily (my main account for this kind of trading) was not very successful, a first for 2010 actually. Hopefully it recovers the loss in the coming weeks.

Total loss over the week across all accounts: $1775.40. Just terrible.


Alpari UK live micro account. Trades FAP Turbo, MegaDroid and Green.

Just awful results across the board, nothing specific for this broker thou. Both my manual trades, FAP Turbo and MegaDroid failed. FAPT trading USDCHF was the only one with a positive result, but it was just €9.52 over 15 trades total. Total lost amount: €206.91


Forex.com/UK Live account. Trades MegaDroid and Green.

This account was hit heavily by my stupid faulty stoploss, almost $540 lost for just that. Such a waste. MegaDroid lost another $60 during the week with a stoploss making the total lost $602.11.


JadeFX live account. Trades FAP Turbo, MegaDroid and Forex Shocker.

Forex Shocker lost firstly with EURUSD during the Tuesday and then with EURGBP at the very last trading day of the week. The trades we’re closed during Friday, way way out of the Asian session. FAP Turbo also had one EURGBP trade go to stoploss at the same time. I’ll scale down a bit with EURGBP now, it seems to trend a lot during the Asian session (because it moves a lot during the day too), which is too dangerous for scalping. Total loss was $160.28.


The Collective FX. Trades MegaDroid, Forex Shocker and Green.

This account took the bulk of the faulty stoploss levels, a total of $730. Just terrible. I introduced Forex Shocker to this account last week, and it didn’t start very well with losses in EURUSD and EURGBP just like for the JFX account above. Hopefully performance will pick up at both accounts. Total loss was $737.82.

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