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Promising free EAs?

June 26th, 2009

Just a quick post about two free experts that seem interesting enough to start demo trading with. Both are written by Quicksilver. Perhaps the most interesting of the two is called Quik MACD as is based on the LMT trading system (that is praised on some forums I hang around on). The other one is based on a break-out trading system and named Quik DBS.

You can get the EAs here:

I will start a new demo account at Alpari UK for them and register a MT4Stats page. I’ll post it when it’s done here with a update. There are links to statistics in the threads posted above. Perhaps nothing really convincing, but that is not surprising since these are long term strategies and this is just released. Backtests are very convincing, but as we all know that is not the same as a profitable EA, but of course it is a good start at least.
I really would appreciate finding a EA that is trading long term. All the short term EAs I have (that is supposed to be in the market for a few hours at most) are very sensitive to spreads and data stream quality. This makes them very broker sensitive and some of them erratic in their performance. Orders with the LMT system can be open for weeks if I understand it correctly. But we’ll see how the EA does, hopefully we have enough trades in a month or so to at least draw some conclusions.