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Demotrading at FinFX

February 21st, 2011

Almost three months ago I started a demo at FinFX, a Finnish ECN broker. I haven’t been paying too much attention to it since, but today I checked in and realized that it have been performing very well indeed.  The strategy is a optimized Channel Scalper trading EURGBP.

MyFXBook chart of FinFX demo

I wish I had started a few more demo accounts at other brokers with the same setup for reference, but of course I didn’t… But I’ve been checking it against a JadeFX demo account with the same setup and the FinFX demo is actually a little bit “better”. It takes more trades and closes them quicker.

The commission is $7/lot, but offers $1/lot back in cashback. As JadeFX nowadays take $8/lot on GBP basd pairs this is a very good level. I’m quite tempted to open an account. The minimum deposit is $2500. The only problem is that I really like the performance at JadeFX live account. There is of course no guarantee that live performance at FinFX is reflected by the demo.

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