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Freelance as a forex scam programmer?

July 21st, 2010

Are you interested? Seems to be some openings in freelance MQL4 programming. The funny thing really is that these guys want you to do all the work; including coming up with the strategy, implementing it, writing the manual, providing snapshots of trades and even making a video of a live trade. Then they proceed and make a fantastic website with the usual bullshit and set a $99-$499 price I guess.

This one is even better I think. They just want nice backtests. No mention of that the strategy should work for live trading. Perhaps nice backtests is all you need to sell a few copies… I actually have a strategy that backtests extremely well, but can’t make money even in demo trading. Perhaps I should sell it :)

I check the MetaTrader / MQL4 listings at Freelancer.com now and then. I could actually see myself taking smaller assignments (say 8-20 hours of work), but so far I haven’t come across anything interesting enough to bid on. Ideally I’d like to make implementations of already manually tested strategies / systems or implementation of indicators. Generally I think the pay is low for this. If you want a decent $/hr ratio you really have to stress the implementation, it won’t be high quality. There seems to be a lot of “low cost” countries represented in the bidding thou, for a Chinese programmer $400 is a big deal of course.

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