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Sports arbitrage betting software by FAP Turbo gang

March 31st, 2011

I guess you’ve already been spammed by all your favorite spammers about this a few days ago. The FAP Turbo guys have built and just began to sell a software that finds arbitrage’s in sport betting (called arbs in the online community). Contrary to what these guys are stating on their website this isn’t anything new. There’s been quite a few fully automated solutions for years online, some good, some not so good. There’s even been free arbs posted on several forums. I know because I ventured into this field for a small foray about five years ago.

I’m doing this post part as a way to verify that the arb scene is real. The bookies really do give setups, very briefly, that guarantee profits if all possible outcomes are covered with just the right bet. Every bookie sets his own odds of course, and bases this on his information about the game/event. Sometimes this is evidently very hard. What a arbitrage better really is doing is taking advantage of a imperfect market.

But the other reason for the post is really to warn you that this isn’t free easy money, certainly not forever. You see the bookies really don’t like arbitrage betters, they even see them as the enemy. If you start betting the arbs found by the software (or by some other service, or by yourself) you will very likely in just a couple of weeks be hindered from making large bets (it was a long time ago, but lets say $100 or so as maximum).  Especially if you bet $318.23 or $422.98. No-one but arbitrage betters do that.

The arbs don’t stay out there for long either, so you will want to sit at the computer waiting for possibilities to come, which is fine if there is plenty, but the ones found by the software will potentially be played by thousands of people(they state that only 1000 copies will be sold, but who knows). Every one of those bets will possibly change the odds, against you. So you better be quick in and seal the odds needed, on all outcomes. The worst you can do is to get in on one of them and not the other, then you’ve just guaranteed a loss instead of a win :)

Also, if you start signing up to all the bookies needed, do check if there are promotions to take advantage of. They can have some deposit bonuses or perhaps there is some friendly affiliate to give you a kick-back (like and others).

Personally this actually got me a little interested in getting started with some arbitrage betting again. After the debacle with JadeFX I’m a bit turned off by Forex trading, perhaps this could work like a time out. If I go for it, I’ll let you know of course. It’s $149 to start and then $20 monthly. Since it’s a ClickBank product I think there should be no problem to get a refund within 60 days if it doesn’t work.

Check out the incredibly lousy website.