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FD2 crashes and burns

June 4th, 2009

Well, clearly FD2:s results this Monday was too good to be true. Yesterday it really crashed and burned a lot of my account in the process. It took positions against the Rallying USD and lost, several times. Just as it seemed that it had understood that the USD was in a rally it bought USD against the GBP (a 0.36 lot, huge for my account), only to close the position in minutes for a €4 win. Had it kept that position for just an hour more I would have been netting zero for the day, and had it kept it as long as its EURUSD positions (that closed this morning) it would have made lots and lots. Well it is a machine…

Also, there are some rumours on DonnaForex about the bot being optimised for backtests. Some Indonesians have apparently decompiled the ex4 and dll and found that it calls procedures in the dll with different parameters if you run a backtest than live trading (live or demo that is). If this is true of course this EA is a scam. Until this is proven I have put it on probation, can’t risk more of my hard earned €:s.

Update: I kept it running in Demo, this is one of the trades it did today. Excellent timing, except it is a selling order! :D


They just released a updated version that I’m going to try in demo for at least two weeks even if it performs amazingly.

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