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Weekly update week 04

January 30th, 2010

Another week has passed and this was quite a good one actually. Perhaps it has something to do with that I basically turned of the FAP Turbo scalper last week? Well, it has actually made good trades on my Alpari UK account with 0.01 lots during the week. I keep trading that small just for observation. I recently started to trade the FAP Turbo long term strategy (in EURUSD) thou, and it has made a lot of pips in the downwards move this week. I’m very cautious with it thou and runs it with microlots also.


Alpari UK live micro account. Trades FAP Turbo and MegaDroid.

No major happenings on this account, which is great to see. FAP Turbo traded well on the account during the week, but since it only traded 0.01 lots it didn’t make that much. MegaDroid had a few very nice trades for full TP and basically no losses (just a few pips). FAPT Turbo EURUSD made 557 (!) pips, which gave €40 in profit. That is huge of course, but I have the SL level at 250 pips, so just two bad trades takes that profit away. Total gain on this account was €102.94


Forex.com/UK live account. Trades RoboMiner and MegaDroid.

That $500 jump is a deposit. I felt it necessary to add some funds when free margin was just $700, I don’t want to risk a margin call and also I need some free margin to allow MegaDroid to make reasonable size trades. The small bump downwards just before the deposit is a SL hit by MegaDroid GMT+6 for $90. That trade actually made this week the first loosing week for MegaDroid since October, with a total loss of $35. RoboMiner started cashing in some of its large number of open positions during Friday, which is very nice to see considering the massive drawdown right now, in both AUDNZD and EURCHF. Total gain on the account was $44.17.


JadeFX live account. Trades MegaDroid and Forex Shocker.

Quite a good week at JadeFX also. I completely stopped FAP Turbo on this account last week, so all trades are done by Forex Shocker and MegaDroid. The bump downwards is the same SL hit by MegaDroid GMT+6 as on the Forex.com/UK account. I had some problems with both opening and closing orders during the week at times. I emailed support at JadeFX, but haven’t gotten a real explanation. I will definitely check the journal very closely next week, because this most certainly hindered at least two GPBUSD trades by Forex Shocker to close for profit. Instead they were closed for small losses an hour later (the trades around 23 and 24 in the graph). Also quite a few trades was stopped from opening, also taking away potential profits. Total gain was $55.50.

So, all in all a nice quite relaxing week. The absence of FAP Turbo has reduced the number of big SLs a lot of course, but this week it has been doing okey in demos (and live at Alpari UK with the microlots) so I will try to find settings over the next few weeks that I can trust live again. I still hate scalpers thou. Total gain over the accounts was $244.

Oh, I will probably start trading live on my new account on The Collective FX (CFX) next week. It is funded and I have finished all the paper work, but I haven’t received the passwords and such information yet. I also don’t have a suitable VPS to start it in right now. But all this hopefully will be solved soon enough, and definitely during the week. I will start MegaDroid on it at first perhaps toghether with one or some of the EAs from the Forex Bling package (but it really haven’t been to impressive lately). It is also likely that I use this account as the first live one to test my new homemade EA (that still is a secret) :)

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