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Another drawdown, now with FAP Turbo

June 17th, 2009

Crap. After the losses Monday with GridBot my account really needed some winners to start marching upwards again. It looked promising with gains from all the EA:s last evening and this morning. One lingering trade by FAP Turbo in EURCHF was behind -€20 when I left for work. I was considering closing it manually, but since it is against my rules I didn’t. I wish I had now… FAP Turbo closed it for a loss of €123 a few minutes ago.

The trade was only taken in the live account and at FXCM UK demo (where it was closed for a much smaller loss early in the morning). The demo account at Alpari UK didn’t have it at all. It’s a real shame that the accounts isn’t trading in sync.

So, I’m thinking about implementing a new rule. If FAP Turbo has lingering trades right before the London open I manually set a much tighter S/L. I really don’t think that a scalper should have positions open that long in the first place, and I don’t think the logic in FAP Turbo is adjusted for trades in the London session. It is programmed to scalp in the Asian session. Perhaps I should investigate using the Swiss Army EA for this, so it is automated.

With this loss FAP Turbo is probaly not in the green any more. Will have to calculate it when I get home. Seems scalping is harder and harder. Perhaps I should check out Xtreme EURCHF instead, but it costs $299.

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