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MegaDroid is the winner…

June 18th, 2009

Been evaluating my EAs. The only one that I’m ahead with now is MegaDroid. FAP Turbo and GridBot lose some more yesterday. GridBot hit the safety net on GBPJPY. FAP Turbo did more damage in EURCHF.

It is clear to me now that I have been overlooking the performance and stability MegaDroid have been giving my account (although it didn’t trade yesterday). It only trades once in a while, but it is very profitable. I am forcing it to trade a little more by running it on three charts. I am also considering experimenting more with it in demo, trying it on M15 timeframe to start with. Read on DonnaForex forum about a guy doing this with nice results. The trading logic in MegaDroid seems very solid, so it would be nice to have it trading more, even though one of the strengths of MD is that it doesn’t necessarily trade every day, just under the right conditions. I’ll run it in demo for a while.

I’ve made the decision to increase the risk taking with MegaDroid a little, and at the same time reduce it with all the other EAs on my live account. I will stop trading GridBot entirely until they release the version with the hedging (expected sometime in July). They will release a new version tomorrow, but it is presumably only sporting a new automatic time zone function. Nothing that will help the actual performance of the EA. I am really looking forward to the hedging function, as it really is sad do deactivate this EA. I have enjoyed watching it trade, but the reality right now is that it is to risky. Others may make lots of money, but I am not. Will keep it running in demo of course, so if it does convincingly well I can always put it back, with small lot sizes (0.01).

For FAP Turbo I will follow DonnaForex settings, but I won’t use the high risk setting in EURCHF again. We’ll see in her news letter on Saturday if she will reduce it herself. If she doesn’t I will.

I am currently trading FD2 live with a fixed lot size of 0.02. It hasn’t made any remarkable trades, in either direction, so I will leave it like that for now.

So with this new setup of reduced risk I am hoping to make some of the losses back. But since I need 100% profit to get back I decided to fund the account with another €500. This hopefully gives me a better chance I think. I am still hopeful.

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  1. Daleen
    June 18th, 2009 at 15:06 | #1

    Hi, Johan, I want to send you something about Gridbot, could you please reply on my e-mail



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