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Found a three month demo of Green

May 11th, 2010

I just found that I apparently have a demo account¬† trading Green that actually stretches back to almost the first version (it started trading v1.01).¬† I upgraded it to v1.16 last week which introduces quite a lot of extra bells and whistles, but the main strategy is completely untouched of course. Nice to see that it has been making small but steady gains through out this very difficult time. AUDNZD breached its 10 year historical high with about 250 pips at the same time that EURCHF was around it lowest in 10 years. Since then AUDNZD have backed down, but EURCHF of course kept on falling as the Greek turmoil escalated. When prices where around or out of the extremes it didn’t make much of course, but as you can see it has made up for it as AUDNZD have recovered.

One thing I’ve actually learned here is that you should take time and set up proper demo accounts trading your EAs from the first moment and then make an effort to upgrade them along the way. I’ve traded a lot of demos of course during the development of Green, but most have been experiments with different settings and pairs. Some also have been closed because they were time limited by the Broker (annoying thing). So, for future projects I will focus on setting up proper demos, and also I will setup more on Green using other brokers and other pairs (it trades any pair, but a AUDNZD / AUDCAD / EURCHF combination is what I think is the best).

Oh, and as a side note, I am thinking of selling Green EA somehow. I don’t have a plan ready thou, and I don’t really have time to support it as I’m working a regular job as well as other projects… We’ll see what happens :)

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  1. Matt
    May 11th, 2010 at 14:55 | #1

    Hi - Heres a suggestion of how you could sell Green and the other EA’s and that’s to do something similar to what the guy who wrote XBars MA expert advisor is doing - http://www.tradingsystemforex.com/

    What he’s done is to simply set up a forum that has a paid membership per month / per year. Once purchasing the subscription then you get access to the forum where you can download the Expert Advisor and the source code.

    Yes - you are always open to piracy - but at the end of the day you making moeny on the robot anyway, so you making money on top of that with each sale, but also having an open forum with the source code available will let people share ideas, room for improvements, suggestions etc. to make it more profitable and things. Having the forum will make it easier for people to have community based support as opposed to official support from yourself, and reflect this within the price. Easy!

  2. May 12th, 2010 at 08:46 | #2

    Yeah Funyoos free EAs where (and still are) being pirated a lot. I don’t think the $99 a year will stop anyone wanting to access free EA money (which is what all those professional affiliates see it as).

    I don’t think this is the setup for me, but thanks for suggesting it. I should really get myself an account there, always fun to test strategies :)

  3. Matt
    May 12th, 2010 at 14:08 | #3

    Well not too sure what setup you’re looking for as a sales model. Most commercial EA’s seem to go down the ClickBank route, and then I think they can offer the refunds and things. In my mind this is a good way for commercial methods but I would have thought for someone with a normal job it just seems a hassle - especially for support, making and maintaining a website, handling users etc, taking money.

    In terms of Piracy protection, it seems the only reliable protection for EA’s that really seems to work is the Account/Order copying method. i.e. You and your VPS are the only MetaTrader terminals that actually have the logic to “Green” EA, and then people connect and receive signals from yourselves. Not sure whether its a Push methodology from your terminal to push the signals to only those members that signed up and their fixed IP addresses, but it’s the only one that I can think of that prevents dissasembly and piracy. Still not the greatest method since it introduces a load of connectivity and reliability/load issues onto your server.

    Whichever method you actually decide to go down, let me know when it comes to selling it!

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