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Bought Forex Shocker

August 26th, 2009

I got my cashback from cashbackforex.com yesterday, $123.71 for July. It was burning a hole in my Paypal account so I went out and got Forex Shocker EA. :)

It is a scalper that trades six pairs and I have been observing it for a while. I’m mostly interested in trading EURUSD and GPBUSD since I’ve seen other peoples’ results from those pairs. But of course I will demo trade all of them, there could be a difference with brokers and latency so the other pairs also would be interesting. I will demo on JadeFX (kind of scalpers heaven) and hopefully everything works out so I can add it live in 1-2 weeks. Scalping GBPUSD would be a welcome addition to the “regular” pairs.

Straight off I must say that I don’t like the setup too much. It is a Plimus sale, without any money back period. All sales are final. Also you only get to trade one live and one demo account. The limitation on number of demo accounts is real stupid IMHO as we all like to test different brokers before going live. Hopefully it works out nice on JadeFX thou. I am not sure what the policy is about changing accounts after a while.

You can follow my demo progress here: http://halmoore.mt4stats.com/

And you can get the EA here: http://www.forexshocker.com/

Wish me luck :)

Update: I still haven’t gotten the unlock / license codes from the developers, 29 hours after my purchase. I think it is real bad and not very confidence building. Now I just hope I get it up and running for Mondays trading session…

Update 2: Just recieved the codes, so I’m going to start demoing on Monday. Took about 48 hours, so do take that into consideration if buying Forex Shocker.

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