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FAP Turbo Evolution first impressions

July 16th, 2009

So, it has been two days since the release of FAPT Evolution. It is currently off the market, it was taken out before the 2000 copies was sold because of indications that Dukascopy was getting swamped with questions and applications. Strange that they didn’t anticipate it I think. I ended up with buying two copies, so if you want one, buy it from me for a “nice” price. I’m kidding, I will probably return one. Then it will be resold on the site I think.

So, how is it doing? Well, nothing fancy yet. I’m trading all the pairs (the regular four from old FAPT, EURCHF / EURGBP / GBPCHF / USDCAD) and the first day I didn’t have a trade. Yesterday I had two, one in GBPCHF and one in EURGBP. Both were small losers. So perhaps not the most convincing start. The weird thing is that other people seem to get more trades and winners also. I thought the JFOREX platform where supposed to be much more consistent in trading results (compared to MT4). We’ll see…

I also bought the bridge software now called Trade Converter but I haven’t really tested it yet. Want to focus on FAPT Evolution the first days. It could be very nice though as spreads on the majors at Dukascopy is very tight (EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY most often is 1 pip or less). I’m of course thinking of using it with MegaDroid (Pro or regular) and perhaps GridBot. The problem I think is that we have to find a MT4 broker that has a stream that as much as possible matches that of Dukascopy. Of course it has too be a true ECN. I really think the absolute best thing would have been that the MT4 EAs where fed the ticks from the Dukascopy stream, or even that they would have written a emulator platform inside JFOREX that we would load the EA too (wouldn’t even need MT4 running). But we’ll see how it works out.

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