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Alpari UK offers “Gold” acccount

February 26th, 2011

I got spammed by Alpari UK about something they call the Gold account. I thought it would be kind of a VIP thing requiring $25,000 or something like that, but I was surprised to see that it actually was something quite interesting. Basically it is a normal micro or standard account using Gold (XAUUSD/1000) as base currency. I have accounts now based on USD and EUR (and have been thinking about starting a GBP based one also) as a strategy against risk associated with using just one currency.  A gold account would actually fit quite nicely. It is basically a negative correlation currency against the USD.

Check it out. As far as I can see it will behave exactly like a normal Alpari UK account other than deposits and withdraws are converted to/from XAUUSD/1000. If you are a gold bug this would fit perfectly.


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