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Wild ride with FD2

After installing Forex Derevative 2.0 (FD2) on my live micro account at Alpari UK yesterday it was really raking in some nice trades straight of the bat, closing trades for a profit of €72. Now it seems to have woken up on the wrong side thou with a closed GBPUSD trade with a loss of €46, and three EURUSD positions in the red (total -€60 behind right now). Hopefully it’ll close them if the markets keep going the wrong way (like the GBPUSD position) or keeps them till they’re in for break even or profit. Update: They we’re just closed at small profits. FD2 seems to have excellent Money Managment strategies.

This is a screenshot of the MT4 chart for GBPUSD from yesterday. Sure the bot could have taken positions at even better times, but still it’s rather impressive I think.


Basically I think this bot got potential and I will keep running it. My current settings on all four pairs are default except that I’ve enabled hedging.

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