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Weekly update, week 11

March 21st, 2010

Another trading week closed. The movement downward in EURCHF is putting some serious strain on my Alpari UK and accounts. AUDNZD moved down to, and even below, 1.29 this week which really helped my CFX account. I have some open buy positions caught up there thou, didn’t expect it to reverse quite so quickly. Read more…

Weekly update, week 09

March 8th, 2010

This must have been the hardest week of my brief Forex trading career. As AUDNZD rose well above it’s 10-year high the two biggest accounts below was stretched very thin. The account at CFX was just a few hundred dollars away from getting positions stopped out, luckily my deposit from the week before eventually made it there, in time for the push above 1.31. Because price is above 1.2967 (which I used as trade cutoff) those accounts really haven’t been trading much last week. Read more…

Weekend update, Week 08

February 27th, 2010

This was a great week. I was a bit afraid of the AUDNZD breaking into the 1.30 range, but it backed off and closed the week down at 1.28. Good news for my grid trader. Read more…

Weekly update, Week 07

February 22nd, 2010

A bit late with the update, but hey I guess I’m one of the few who reads these :) Read more…

Weekly update, week 06

February 15th, 2010

Last week started out rather bad with SL:s hit by MegaDroid on GMT+6 at basically all accounts on Monday. I probably shouldn’t have traded right after the NFP. I think I will make that a rule actually, no scalping the day before or after the NFP from here on. Lets check the curves out. Read more…

Weekly update, week 05

February 6th, 2010

It is incredible but another week has flown by. I’ve been extremely busy this one since I’ve been working on my new EA. I’ve been yanking out code and got a new VPS at for demo trading it. Currently 18 different demos running there, but I couldn’t really resist putting it live also, so it’s live on my Alpari UK and The Collective FX (CFX) accounts as of middle this week. Read more…

Weekly update week 04

January 30th, 2010

Another week has passed and this was quite a good one actually. Perhaps it has something to do with that I basically turned of the FAP Turbo scalper last week? Well, it has actually made good trades on my Alpari UK account with 0.01 lots during the week. I keep trading that small just for observation. I recently started to trade the FAP Turbo long term strategy (in EURUSD) thou, and it has made a lot of pips in the downwards move this week. I’m very cautious with it thou and runs it with microlots also. Read more…

Another terrible week, week 03

January 24th, 2010

Like I predicted in a blog posting in the beginning of the week (”To scalp or not to scalp…“) it was just a matter of time before FAPT USDCHF, the latest and greatest pair with that particular EA, blows up. It happened just one day later. There was a jump in price when the results from the election in Massachusetts was revealed. I must admit that I wasn’t enough informed about this event (I’m a Swede and it really haven’t gotten any coverage here), had I known I probably wouldn’t have traded the USD pairs that night. But that’s scalping for you… Read more…

Forex Shocker performance

January 19th, 2010

Just a quick post about the performance of Forex Shocker v1.1 and v2.0 year to date. When v2.0 came out I stopped v1.1 on my demo account, but started it again week 1 this year because I wanted to see if it really was better than the earlier version.

Here’s the trades of V1.1 since 2010-01-04:

Currency   Trades    Pips       Profit($)
GBPUSD     15           75.0      75.00
USDCAD     5             23.8      23.06
EURCHF     21           13.8      13.20
EURGBP     17           69.4      112.18
USDCHF     18           81.4      79.76
EURUSD     15           76.9      76.90

and V2 the same period:

Currency   Trades     Pips      Profit($)
GBPUSD     12           41.8       41.80
USDCAD     11           32.0       30.90
EURCHF     29           19.9       19.21
EURGBP     10           -7.5       -12.79
USDCHF     10           42.9       41.94
EURUSD     10           42.5       42.50

As you can see it is quite a different picture, especially for EURGBP, but overall V1.1 trades much better than v2.0 (the only pair that v2.0 have an advantage in seems to be USDCAD, but I wouldn’t trade that pair on either version anyway). This is on a demo account, of course the performance live won’t be as good, but slippage effects both versions so I still think the comparison is valid.

So, my plan is to enable V1.1 on my live account again and let it trade EURGBP, USDCHF, EURUSD and GBPUSD. I will also keep v2.0 live trading USDCHF, EURUSD and GBPUSD as before, because as far as I can see it is very rare that they actually take the same trades. Just in case I will put them on max 1 open trade each.

Oh yeah, I know I wrote about being tired of scalpers yesterday. I still am, but during my analysis of their performance I spotted this. If you want to analyze it further yourself you can look at my demo account (click the graph above). It trades both version with default settings with fixed lotsize of 0.1 at JadeFX Demo.

To scalp or not to scalp…

January 18th, 2010

Well, that really is the question on my mind right now. I enjoy some aspects of the scalpers I employ (FAP Turbo, MegaDroid and Forex Shocker), but I hate others. I really enjoy checking the nights’ progress in the morning. I live in Sweden and most of the trading is done after my bedtime, so the first glance at the accounts in the morning is quite exciting. Since the scalpers actually make money most days it is something that motivates me to spring out of bed, I need that. It is great to see that your EAs have successfully scalped away pips throughout the night. I especially like when they’ve made successful scalps in both directions, from the top and the bottom of the range they’ve established. It really can be a beauty to see (perhaps a twisted preference).

Well, the backside to the scalpers cannot be news to anyone. They blow up now and then. Like last Thursday when several of my traded pairs broke out of their ranges and made my scalpers positions go into deep drawdown only to hit stoplosses during the Friday. It really can make you sick to see. The whole point of scalping is to grab quick pips, not to go into deep drawdown and keep the positions during the day.

So what to do? I don’t know. But reality is that RoboMiner, by far, is my most profitable strategy (not a scalper, rather a long term grid trader). The scalpers used on my JadeFX account can really make magic for a while, like it nearly doubled in the first six weeks from $500 to $929. But after that it totally broke down to $217 in just a few weeks. Since then the account have been going upwards quickly only to get beaten down again. It’s exciting, but probably not the best investment… :)

My JadeFX account to date.

I’ll have to think some more, I’ll be back when I have made a decision. For now I keep running the scalpers.