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Disappointing week 29

July 18th, 2009

Another disappointing week, this time with huge losses with S/L:s hit by both FAP Turbo and MegaDroid.


Alpari UK

In total the week at Alpari UK stopped at a loss of €162. The biggest single loss was a EURCHF trade by FAP Turbo with -€105. MegaDroid had a biggest loss of -€56. Terrible when bad trades happen almost at the same time like this.


On I lost $194 in total, with the biggest loss (ever) of $279 on one MD trade. So, if that trade hadn’t been took the account would have made a huge week. But it is still good to see that the other trades where doing so well generally.

So, I’m still positive. I have made some changes to the setup the last days (turned on OneTrade on FAPT on both EURCHF and USDCAD for example) and I will make more tune ups tomorrow when I’ve hopefully completed my backtests of MD (Pro) and EURUSD.

Disappointing week 28

July 10th, 2009

Took out detailed reports for the week from my live accounts at Alpari UK (sporting FAP Turbo, MegaDroid and GridBot) and (only running MegaDroid). Not as nice as I hoped, with losses yesterday and today.

All in all, Alpari UK finished at a loss of €44.87 and at a profit of $66.87. That is basically a break even if you add it up… What a waste ;)


Alpari UK live account

w928 live account

So, MegaDroid did well on both accounts. FAP Turbo did well on Alpari UK. So what is left? Well GridBot didn’t do well… Again it loses me money. I will really stop trading it this time thou. Next week I expect them to release the new version (2.9) and then I’ll test it again. account up, others will follow

July 1st, 2009

I’ve finally opened and funded an account at, I will trade it parallel with my Alpari UK account as before. I will start out with just MegaDroid on it, but will get another license for GridBot eventually (when they release the hedging function). has somewhat higher spreads at EURUSD than Alpari UK (2-3 vs fixed 1.8), but Alpari UK is going to start offering floating spreads soon (perhaps July). I think this will mean higher spreads for EURUSD, but perhaps lower for GBPJPY, AUDNZD and the likes that now have quite high fixed spreads. is offering better spreads almost all the time in GridBots main pairs.

It is still my strategy to have 3-4 live accounts running at the same time, as a way to hopefully diversify enough to eliminate broker manipulation. I am currently running demo at FXCM/UK (I have applied for a live account there also, but haven’t funded it yet). FXCM/UK offers floating spreads with 5 decimals, but for some reason I don’t get my EAs (FAPT, MD and GD) to trade very well there (on the demo). Don’t know why. The spreads are low during the day, but about the same as during the Asian session.

I have a demo at MB Trading that is doing great with FAP Turbo (even in GBPCHF) but they’re still in Beta and isn’t accepting new live customers right now. They take commission, but the spreads are amazing.

I am also looking at FxOpen and FXDD, will start demos there soon. I think that FxOpen is more like and FXDD more like Alpari UK. Of course I wouldn’t open accounts without the cashback offered by, that’s like throwing money away.

On the FAPT Swiss side I’ve found a new website offering 33.33% rebate on commissions, but it isn’t as well known as so I don’t know if I’ll sign there yet. Cashbackforex is huge and old in the game, the chance they close down and stop paying you is minimal. The new site there’s no telling with of course. So I still recommend to sign with the 30%  cashback. But sure, 11% more in the pocket is real money…